Top 3 Tips for Medical Device Industry Websites

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It’s no secret that a great website can both generate new clients and retain existing ones. Specifically in the Medical Device space, providing your clients with a platform that is easy to use and shows all of the vital information they are searching for is critical.

When was the last time you performed a website audit? Here are three tips you can implement quickly to maximize your client experience throughout your website and make it the best experience possible for your visitors:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Provide educational, valuable content
  • Optimize your website for the best conversion rate possible

Let’s dive into those three points below.

Make your website mobile-friendly:
Upwards of 70% of web traffic comes from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc). It is crucial to provide your clients with an easy-to-use platform on the devices they are using the most. Your website should reflect your product, be super easy to use, and be extremely helpful at all times.

Provide educational, valuable content:
Once a user is on a website, they will be looking for answers to their many questions. Make sure that you educate them right from the start by providing value-add content on each page, especially the homepage and product pages. Sell your product by providing thought-leadership content to show you are an expert in the industry.

Optimize your website for the best conversion rate possible:
A great medical device website will both drive people to the site (via Search Engine Optimization) and convert those users into long-term customers (via Conversion Rate Optimization). The first step in leveraging both SEO and CRO is to install an analytics tracker on your website. We recommend Google Analytics. This will help you make educated decisions on what your clients are looking for. Because user preferences are dynamic, this tool allows you to adjust your content to keep it as relevant as possible.

Implementing these 3 tips will help you generate more traffic and revenue for your Medical Device Website!

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution to tackle all three of these tips? CareCart is the first and only eCommerce platform the is made for the MedTech industry and helps brands scale quickly.

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