MedTech Supply Chain Predictions and How to Adjust

MedTech Supply Chain

The medical device industry is under pressure from all sides. Increasing regulation, heightened competition, and advances in technology are just some of the challenges faced by manufacturers today. And while the industry has responded admirably to these challenges so far, there is one area where it has lagged behind: the supply chain.

In particular, the medical device supply chain is still largely reliant on manual processes and traditional methods of communication such as fax and email. This makes it difficult to keep track of inventory levels, plan production schedules, and monitor compliance with regulatory requirements.
But change is on the horizon. New technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are beginning to transform the way medical devices are made and shipped.

In this blog post created by our friends at MassDevice, we take a look at what’s next for the medical device supply chain – and how these new technologies will help overcome some of its biggest challenges.

As always, if you have questions about MedTech supply chains, packaging, inventory, or anything related to the Healthcare/MedTech eCommerce space, please reach out to one of our experts here. Our mission is to help the industry move forward!

Recent hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico provide yet another reminder that the medical device supply chain remains vulnerable to climate change.
The COVID-19 pandemic presented its challenges.

But as our sister Medical Design & Outsourcing site reported last year, expect superstorms, fires, droughts, and other extreme events driven by climate change to continue to strain the supply chain.

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